"Iuri Alayev changed my life forever! 

I am incredibly grateful to this specialist for helping me lose weight and change my life for the better.

I got rid of 15.5 kg (34 lb) of excess weight very quickly and easily and now I easily maintain my ideal weight and always choose a healthy lifestyle and nutrition. 

Thank you very much Iuri! I am so pleased now with my body and weight! 

I highly recommend Iuri to anyone who wants to lose weight and start a new healthy life!"

- A.O., Calgary, AB

"Hi, my name is Gordon

I had been smoking for approx.. 40 years, tried different methods to quit smoking, which made me smoke even more. My friend told me about Iuri (inner peace hypnotherapy).

Worth a shot, everything to gain!

Smoking over 2 PACKS A DAY, after 1st session, STOPPED DEAD. 

Had 2 more session after as required.



-GORD, Calgary, AB

“ I was raped at a party and became very depressed in the weeks following. 

I developed ocd behaviour and was very anxious all the time, and I was not someone who could manage my stress well which added onto the weight on my shoulders, however, that really all changed when I started going to hypnotherapy.

 I was a little skeptic at first, because I didn’t understand how hypnosis can help someone like me come back from the very depressive state that I was in, but within only 4 sessions I was completely changed. 

I am so much happier now, my ocd behaviour is pretty much completely gone, and best of all every time I feel stressed or anxious I can just close my eyes take a few deep breaths and feel instantly better and calmer. 

I feel in control of my life again and I can’t thank you enough Iuri. I had no idea I could ever feel this great again after something as traumatic as getting raped happened, but my life is changed and I couldn’t be happier.”  

-A.G., Calgary, AB

"Iuri Alayev was recommended to me by a friend who came to him with various issues and was very successfully treated by hypnotherapy.
My 6 year old son up until two weeks ago was a very heavy nighttime bed wetter.
He was soaking through a night diaper lined with a pad for incontinence.
With no end in sight we were all getting very frustrated.
So we decided after a lot of research and thought to treat him with hypnosis.
After the first session with Iuri (whom my son insists on calling a magician) he went without wetting his bed for almost entire week. After the second session where he was put under even deeper hypnosis we are happy to report that he has been consistently waking up dry and waiting until he is in the bathroom to relieve himself.
We highly recommend using Iuri for hypnotherapy.
Next for our son is to overcome fear of diving under water....more to follow...!!!
Thank you!"
-EZ for NZ , Calgary, AB

"As promised from the previous review I want to write about my son’s fear of putting his head under water and how Iuri was able to help once again.
My dear son was so scared to put his head under water that no amount of talking about it, no amount of bribing him with things (guilty as charged), not seeing other kids going under has helped.
Long story short, only after two sessions of hypnotherapy and of Iuri going above his call of duty and getting into the pool with my son to give him even more confidence my scared little boy swam for the first time under water!!!!!
To say that he was extremely proud of the accomplishment is to say nothing at all!!!
Thank you once again!"
-EZ for NZ , Calgary, AB


"I was desperate to find some way to enjoy flying again. I tried a few different medications, but I just felt dizzy and still afraid on the plane. 

I heard of hypnotherapy for weight loss or stop smoking, maybe it would work for my fear of flying. I met with Iuri who was so kind and made me feel comfortable right away. After 3 sessions I already felt different and when I was on the plane to Europe, it was like I never had the fear. 
I am truly amazed and very satisfied with the results.  I would recommend going for hypnotherapy for any problem that haunts you.  Iuri is amazing. He is a highly educated, professional and experienced hypnotherapist.
I cannot say enough about how much Iuri and the hypnotherapy session have helped me.
I can’t wait to go on my next trip!"

-G.R., Calgary, AB

"Dear  Iuri, my whole family & I thank you for the wonderful job you're doing in helping me. I feel way better after meeting you for treatments.

I will gladly recommend your services to anyone I personally know, knowing that they will receive the most professional and delicate assistance.

You're changing the whole world for the better when you pull up a person from the bottom and into the full wonderful life. 

Thank you very much!"

-M.S., Calgary, AB

"Hello, my name is Jacob and I've experienced hardship throughout life and it caused a negative mind set, anxiety and worry longer than I remember.

I was introduced to Iuri Alayev, who offered to help me through hypnotherapy. I decided to accept the offer that was given to me and take a journey that aided me more than anything in my life.

I had a total of 4 sessions, and there was a significant difference after the first session. 

Any individual with anxiety, depression, or a negative mind set in general, will benefit from his hypnotherapy. This man can change your life for the better. If you want to take control of your life, your mind, and how you feel, then Iuri is the individual that you are looking for."

-J.I., Calgary, AB

"A little while ago, following a very stressful period, my left eye began to twitch, and I felt as though the entire left side of my face was in a state of intense strain. At first, I did not think much of it, and felt assured that these symptoms would recede, in time, on their own; however, a week went by with no changes.

Suggestions from the Internet included relaxation, packing with ice, blinking, eye exercises - none of them helped me. At this point, I was becoming increasingly concerned, as my condition grew worse.

It was at this time that I met the hypnotherapy specialist Iuri Alayev. He heard out my story, and offered his help, assuring me that the spasms could be cured in 2-3 sessions of hypnosis. Honestly speaking, I did not really believe this, but decided to give it a try, as no other options were available, yet the problem persisted for over two weeks now. After the first session the twitching seized; shortly after, however, it restarted. Then, following the second session, the problem was completely eliminated. I felt a happiness beyond words! To this day I feel so wonderful! Honestly, I never thought that hypnosis possessed so much power. I thank Iuri Alayev deeply for restoring my health; he showed himself to be not only a first class specialist in hypnotherapy, but also an amazing, kind person, who truly cares about the impact of his work."

-N.C., Calgary, AB


"When I met Iuri I had several psychological and physiological problems. I have tried lots of functional and natural ways to heal myself. There were some improvements, but it was taking a lot of time, work and effort. I had a deep angst about it.  After the very first hypno session I felt so relaxed, rested, calm and like I wasn't doing anything difficult at all. My anxiety is gone and incessant thinking is calmed.

Iuri taught me a deep breathing technique and how to calm myself; which really helps in my everyday life. After 3 sessions I felt like I am rejuvenating. My brain became more sharp, quick and agile. I became less irritated and more concentrated. I regained my short-term memory and retained information much better and easier than ever.  My panic attacks are gone and I am able go to the crowded areas.

Undoubtedly, I believe in hypnotherapy and Iuri, in particular. I elicit so much from the sessions and believe that hypnosis helped me more than anything."

-J.B., Calgary, AB

"When we met Iuri we didn't believe much in hypnosis, but he changed our way of thinking. When he came the  first time, my son was a little afraid because he had lost faith in regular medicine and didn't know what to expect with this new kind of treatment.


My son didn't have a signal when he needed to go to poop. 

We went to see so many doctors and at the end result wasn't there and he was back to having same issues with his poop and stomach problems.


For Iuri this was different than any treatment in past but his experience and patience make it all much easier. My son started to feel better after about 2 treatments but wanted to continue because Iuri made him believe that he can be fully cured. 

After about seven hypnosis treatments my son felt all better and his issues with poop were part of the past." 

-S.L., Calgary AB